Product & Growth Expert
Fintech Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Mehmet Burak Dikmen

  • Fintech
  • BaaS
  • Growth
  • Product

I have +8 years of experience. I love to dig into problems and solve them with passion, data, empathy, and technology. My life purpose is to create value where I am in. I always start with WHY questions in my personal and professional life.


  • BaaS & Embedded Finance - API integrations of KYC, account, cards and payments. +5 years of partnership experience with different BaaS partners and several other fintechs.

  • Digital Banking & Wallets - Digitizing typical banking functions to take both user experiences and service options to the next level.

  • Growth & Product - Depth experience in fintech growth & building product strategy and processes.

  • Underserved and Immigrant Communities - Years of experience and deep knowledge about European underserved and immigrant communities.

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